Candice Richardson

Candice Richardson

Director of Sales and Marketing, Canopy Philadelphia

What subcommittee do you participate in?

Attraction and Recruiting

What do you personally and collectively want to accomplish with our D/I council?

In participating on the Recruitment committee, I am committed to assisting Davidson Hotels in its’ efforts to gain exposure to diverse talent across the country, resulting in hiring exceptional candidates for available positions.

Why did you join the council?

As a Caribbean born, Black woman with a passion for this industry, I failed to see faces like mine in hiring roles or leadership positions despite being in hospitality for over 25 years. Now that I have assumed a leadership role, it is imperative that I let others interested in the business know that there is room for them here as well. Diversity means having the same opportunities for everyone, regardless of race, sexual preference, gender or socio-economic status. Our guests deserve to see their own faces reflected back at them when they enjoy our hotels. I am committed to making that happen.