Christina Snipe

Christina Snipe

Corporate Director of HR – Compliance & Field Support


What subcommittee do you participate in?

I have the pleasure of leading the D&I Community Outreach & Engagement Subcommittee

What do you personally and collectively want to accomplish with our D/I council?

As a member of the Diversity and Inclusion Council I believe the main purpose is to ensure that Davidson works to build bridges and increase diversity not just within our leadership on down but also within our community. This includes developing programs to help communities in need, changing our recruitment practices, and developing programs that will showcase hospitality and all careers associated with it.

Why did you join the council?

The events that occurred in 2020 created mixed emotions and challenges for many. From police brutality, to divisiveness, to a pandemic, our country was falling apart. At the height of protest happening around the country, John Belden began to ask various questions of what Davidson could be doing better to improve diversity as well as, what could we do to better impact our community. This conversation impacted me even more and created a renewed enthusiasm for being a part of the Davidson family. John did not stop there. From the conversations had with myself and many others, a Diversity and Inclusion Council was created.