Eric East

Eric East

Associate, Acquisitions & Business Development

What subcommittee do you participate in?

Attraction & Recruiting Committee

What do you personally and collectively want to accomplish with our D/I council?

I want to help build the best possible team at Davidson, and diversity is a crucial part of a strong team. Cultivating a good work environment helps bring in strong talent, strong talent creates a good work environment, and both of those yield better results for our colleagues and our company. I want Davidson to be a welcoming and environment to all that would like to join the family where we can all make best use of our unique talents and unique backgrounds.

Why did you join the council?

The work we do on the business development team relies on the execution from the operations teams at the hotels. We use the success stories of our hotels to try and grow the company, but don’t often interface with those teams directly. This is a valuable cross-company initiative that provides me with a chance to connect with a broader set of colleagues than my normal job duties enables, and contribute positively to building out our team at different levels.