Mark Wang

Mark Wang

Senior Vice President, Acquisitions & Business Development

What subcommittee do you participate in?

I’m on the Attraction & Recruiting subcommittee.

What do you personally and collectively want to accomplish with our D/I council?

I’ve always believed Davidson to be a very inclusive and diverse place to work. That said, it was never really formalized until the council was established. By joining the council, I hope to expand the DE&I councils initiatives more formally across the entirety of the company, while at the same time gaining exposure amongst all external stakeholders (recruiters, universities, candidates, clients, consultants, etc.).

Why did you join the council?

I joined the council because A&BD was not previously represented on the council. As a group that is consistently interacting with external stakeholders as well as regularly recruiting at universities, I felt strongly about our team’s involvement on the council. In addition, with my recent move to London to launch our European platform, I believed it to be important that our company values and culture is carried through across the pond.