Meaghan Walsh

Meaghan Walsh

General Manager, Hotel Viking

What subcommittee do you participate in?

Community Outreach & Engagement Team

What do you personally and collectively want to accomplish with our D/I council?

Personally: I look forward to providing my perspective as a member of the LGBT community and leader within Davidson. I also look forward to driving my hotel involvement in the local community and participating in the many community events in the greater Newport area.

Collectively: I think we have a great opportunity to celebrate the voices of so many of our team members that are traditionally underrepresented in the corporate world.

Why did you join the council?

I was asked to join and couldn’t be more happy to do so. For a long time in my career, I hid my true self. Often because of the tone of the work environment and lack of acceptance. If I can make a difference by joining this important council then that is exactly what I will set out to do.