PMA Produce Show Recap

September 6, 2023

PMA Produce Show Recap

Tim Graham, Corporate Chef, Davidson Restaurant Group

The PMA show is a chance for growers and buyers to connect with each other. We were hosted by NPC/FoodBuy. NPC serves as a ‘GPO’ (Group Purchasing Organization) in the produce space. Basically, they are able to form partnerships with companies like Davidson and others, to increase our buying power. This allows NPC to contract pricing for commodity produce, that is normally driven through the often volatile market. One of the key takeaways is how many types of produce are a commodity . . . AM radio always lists pork belly, and beef middles, but never lettuce, berries, etc. NPC is critical to us as business drivers to forecast and budget our costs. If we did not have partners such as NPC or FoodBuy, we would suffer from price spikes that would make forecasting and running our businesses much more difficult. Okay, on to the cool stuff. Food! First stop was a Cal-Giant strawberry farm at 6:30 am. Farmer hours, sheesh! Couple of great revelations here.




Brussel Sprouts:


  1. The number of human hands that are involved with our produce production in general was startling. Not nearly as automated as I would have thought.
  2. The freshness of our food supply and the logistics it takes to achieve that.
  3. The scale of the valley’s production, and the amazing quality and diversity of it’s soil types and micro-climates